Lead-free No Clean high performance solder paste for electronic solder

No Clean, lead-free high performance solder paste formulated for lead-free surface mount assemblies that require excelent and defect-free soldering of even the most difficult to solder components and board finishes , including OSP, ENIG, Ag, Sn and HASL. SnEcopaste leaves minimal clear and post-reflow residue. Tested to industry standards, including J-STD 004B and Bellcore (ECM), SnEcopaste residues can be considered safe to remain in an assembly when the No Clean technology is appropriate for the assembly´s end use. Available in types 3,4 and 5, SnEcopaste offers a wide process window using many types of reflow profiles and is recommended for both air and nitrogen applications. SnEcopaste provides long pot and stencil life and is suitable for all electronic soldering operations, where the use of ROL1 J-STD004B type flux is considered a No Clean technology.

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